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Our belief


Indulge and ignite, weigh it right.

You need no medal to prove that you won. Escape from the norms and
set a goal that speaks to you.
Seek joy as you push for it.

Rise to the sensible challenge and do your best.

Your best will surprise you.

At Wakingbee, we believe a journey towards an active life starts within yourselves. Only you know what gets you started, what keeps you moving, and what brings you joy. It does not mean pushing hard but pushing right.

Sensible Sweat is all about making the right balance to create the new normal, where being active is not a fad but a part of the lifestyle you choose.


We are with you.

Our team are committed to design an outfit that keeps inspiring and enabling you on this journey. It is odd but true how wearing the right activewear gives you that extra energy to move. So we work hard to ensure our outfits work great for you. We promise to always be insightful and relentlessly driven for quality. We will also connect and engage a growing community of active minds to motivate and support one another. Let's get some sensible sweat and be part of the community where each story inspires the next.

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